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"We are women dedicated to our land, our families and our hearts."


In Women Sembrando la Vida we promote the empowerment of women  through the sustainable practice of textiles and common actions that lead to the construction of sustainable development, cooperative work, exchange of knowledge and promotion of textiles.  We help weavers maintain their cultural identity, traditions and textiles, while improving their quality of life and economic independence.

We brought together about 200 indigenous Tzotzil women from various communities in the municipality of Zinacantán.   It was founded by  Magdalena Gómez Pérez, María Luisa Hernández Hernández, María Hernández  Pérez, Magdalena Montejo, María Gabina Vázquez Montejo and Juana Bernarda Hernández Gómez, all women from different communities in Zinacantán, in 1999.  

Why do we do it?

Living in the communities has restricted our access to quality education and access to a better economy. We got together and decided to form a new project that would give us sustenance and happiness. We embroider every day, we train and strengthen ourselves to create artisan products with our hands, we pass on knowledge from generation to generation and we create skills that help us imagine and achieve unique pieces that generate a better option for daily sustenance.

Behind each piece are hours of work day and night, hours of being with our families when we weave and embroider, and above all, they are hours of work done with love.

Be part of this great project!

When you buy a handmade product you are not only taking a common piece, you are also taking a little bit of our life, because we know that whoever uses it will appreciate our work.

The Cooperativa Mujeres Sembrando la Vida is part of the Fair Trade Network through Corazón Verde Equity. 

MSV sets aside ten percent of their sales for a community education project for girls and boys and for the artisan's health fund.


We want to give thanks!

For more than a decade we have had various organizations that support us. Online sales that are made possible through this website were through funding provided by Natik, a non-profit organization, which over the years has been collaborating closely and with much love and dedication with Mujeres Sembrando la Vida.

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